Welcome to Reliance Plastics

Reliance Plastics is leading company in Trading-Processing and Recycling of Metals and Plastics business in Bangalore - India.

We take leadership and total responsibility for the complete purchasing and selling deals of scrap material. Reliance Plastics have the trained specialist to remove of factory equipment and we give guarantee consistent business deals by an experienced crew, we believe in doing all our business with greater involvement and a deeper level of commitment.

Reliance Plastics will continue to serve our supplier and customers with integrity and quality. State certified scales ensure that accurate quantities are being utilized in every transaction. Incoming product is carefully analyzed and categorized before processing. Quality specifications are checked a final time before each product is lifted from the plant.

Reliance Plastics prides ourselves on adhering to strict quality control standards and maintaining environmentally safe practices. In this industry, it is paramount that environmental issues remain a priority. With strong policies in place, Reliance Plastics have the experience knowledge to maintain of environmental issues.

Reliance Plastics employees understand the importance of our mission to be the best in the field.

As a company we are authorized Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC), Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) and Karnataka Value Added Tax (KVAT) for scrap dealer

Call us today for sale of scrap and a price quote. We proudly serve the big cities and surrounding areas.